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Step Up - Black, White and Gold


2 reviews

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For the brand new STEP UP collection we've taken this iconic shoe and combined it with the opulent beauty of the Dutch Masters Golden Age paintings.

The collection features a unique and striking fusion of the sleek and modern design of the sneaker with the lavish and intricate floral arrangements of the Renaissance era. Each print showcases a stunning and imaginative work of art, with a playful twist that will capture your imagination. 

Each design can be used as a standalone statement piece or can form part of a larger collection... in fact, sod it... why not collect them all?!

This standout piece features a black, white and gold sneaker/trainer with a lush floral display growing out of the shoe, in the style of a Dutch Master Renaissance painting. This print is a true masterpiece, featuring a harmonious blend of contemporary and classical elements that will take your breath away.

Each print is produced with the highest quality materials, ensuring that the vibrancy and detail of the artwork is preserved for years to come. Our prints are perfect for art lovers who appreciate the unconventional and daring, as well as fans of fashion!

Add a touch of surreal beauty to your home or office space with our collection. Browse our prints today and experience the wonder and intrigue of our surrealistic art.

Also available in A2, A1 and XL Large Format 

Sizes Refer to our size chart below
Material 300 gsm pure white art board
Finish Matte
Print Type 12-colour digital printing


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
sandra n
Unique print

Bought this for my sons living room, we both love Nike and I thought this print would be great as it had the floral theme too so wasn’t too boyish


Great quality