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Exhale the BS Print


3 reviews

Worldwide shipping available

A friendly reminder! 

Made to order and printed in the UK at the highest quality standards.

Sizes Refer to our size chart below
Material 300 gsm pure white art board
Finish Matte
Print Type 12-colour digital printing


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love it so much!


Bought this pic to put by front door to remind me to do as it says when I enter my home. I still forget. Nice pic tho.

Rob Y.
Why would you not? Take that plunge.

Time was, I'd have adorned my walls with peaceful and calming 'vanilla' art. Come the total gangfuck that has been covid, and my tastes seem to have changed, somewhat...
Where there was once serene beauty, there now sits multiple zero-fuckery, no-holds-barred Punk Haus prints.
From welcoming guests to the 'shit show', through to seemingly timely and relevant quotes from Shakespeare's The Tempest, my walls now kick. ass.
Pride of place, however, is my favourite yellow quote, reminding me every single morning, not to sweat the small stuff by exhaling all that bullshit.
More frames have been purchased, more prints will be required to fill them, and I won't be going anywhere else but Punk Haus to fill them. Top draw, folks.
Top. Draw.